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Innovative Power Solutions

Power Your Profitablity

At American Plating Power we understand the needs of manufacturers. Our extensive product line offers a new approach to technology. We’re redefining energy, helping our clients improve efficiency and decrease their operating costs. We provide state-of-the-art power supplies globally to electrochemical industries.

MT Series

SCR Controlled Rectifiers. Compact and service-friendly, complying with high industrial requirements ensuring excellent reliability. Available in air, water, oil and oil/water-cooled versions.

MS Series

Switch Mode Power Supplies. The MS Series rectifiers are available in module, plug-in, bench case and wall mount enclosures, air or water-cooled.

MV Series

Variable Ratio Transformer Rectifiers. The MV series rectifiers provide a constant low output ripple of 5%, while step-less controlling the DC output levels. Built in an oil or oil/water-cooled enclosure, this design is still a strong and reliable basis for applications providing the best protection possible in all industrial environments.

AxD Series

Reverse Pulse Power Supplies. Available in air and water-cooled enclosures, the AxD Series Rectifiers represent the most universal power supply solution for electro chemical processes. Mostly used in printed circuit board, general metal finishing and electro chemical machining processes, AxD Series Rectifiers precisely provide any current shape: DC, pulse and pulse reversed.

Process Controllers

A variety of controllers are available from standard remote controls to multi-functional displays for process timing, Ah counting, pulse operation, polarity reversal and ramping, to specialized process controllers for anodizing (type II and type III).