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HS 100 TYPE III Anodizing Controller

HS100 Type III Anodizing Controller

The HS 100 Process Controller for type III hard anodizing of aluminum

The HS 100 can be combined with all conventional rectifiers with thyristor or variable transformer technology. The remote control provides you with the flexibility needed for the different requirements given to successfully anodize various aluminum alloys. In addition to the standard DC mode you can also apply various pulse patterns to the load being anodized.

Ramping, pulse operation, current control, and voltage control – all these features are standard in the HS 100. By means of the program buttons P 1 – P 24 you can activate one of the 24 available programs. Each program can consist of up to 10 steps. For each step you can use one of the following functions to create a complete program sequence (ramp, pulse, hold, repeat) in such a way you can define various different ramping cycles or pulse cycles within one program. The desired current or voltage value can be individually defined for each step of the process. You can generate a single polarity pulse pattern by means of the function pulse. The minimum pulse time is 1 sec.

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  • The remaining process time is automatically calculated and displayed
  • Automatic dosing is possible
  • 72 programs can be stored
  • A scanner function links orders and process details together


  • Rule Out Mix-ups: Data transfer is carried out automatically. When used in conjunction with Pro Ano, the scanner frees you from expensive data logging at the process bath and the associated transfer of information afterwards. Copying mistakes, transfer errors, incorrect order details—our scanner reads clearly and the Pro Ano logs and transfers data.