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Reverse Pulse Power: AxD Cabinet Series

AxD Cabinet Series

The Cabinet Series is the most powerful alternative of the AxD Series. Output currents are scalable between 400 and 10,000A.

The quantity of controllable power outputs of each unit can vary between 1 and 8. Mainly the multi-anode operating (8 outputs) has proven to be a great advantage in the installation of large pulse power. In power AxD PPR Power Supplies differ from standard devices.

Besides, the specific power supplies ECM and PECM containing an additional power capacity complete the product range.

AxD Cabinet Series power supplies are available with air or water cooling.

By using the specific monitor the required treatment program can be chosen and started. At the same time all information is displayed online. Thus, the combination of AxD Power Supplies and VPC Software can guarantee a repeatability of results even in complex processes.

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  • 1-8 Controllable outputs per device
  • Available with air or water cooling
  • Guaranteed repeatability