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Reverse Pulse Power: AxD Compact S

AxD Compact S

Power supply used to generate a bipolar high current waveform.

The number of controllable power outputs of each unit can vary between 1 and 2. The multi-anode version (2 outputs) has proven to be a great advantage in the implementation of large pulse applications. The design of AxD power supplies differ from similar equipment, resulting in higher reliability and flexibility.

In addition, the ECM and PECM version power supplies contain a higher power capacity to complete the product range.

AxD Compact Power Supplies are available with air cooling.

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  • 1-2 Controllable outputs per device
  • Available with air cooling
  • Process data is displayed real time
  • Guaranteed pulse repeatability

Standard Technical Data

Mains Voltage 3 x 208VAC- 600VAC 50/60 Hz
Operation Modes Pulse
Pulse reverse
Pulse Times 0.1 - 1,000 ms
Pulse Patterns Complex
Up to 16 levels
Pulse Ratio Freely selectable
Outputs per Device 1-2
Timing Synchronous and asyncronous operation
Accuracy < 1%

Power Range

Outputs 1-2
Forward 150 A / 300 A
Reverse 450 A / 300 A
Irms* 400 A
P** 3.0 kW
Cooling Air
Dimensions W x D x H >14" x 26" x 24"
Weight 220lbs

*Maximum available effective output current of the power supply
**Maximum available continuous output power of the power supply (air cooled)