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SCR Water-Cooled Rectifiers

Water Cooled Rectifier

The powerful MTW Series models are SCR-based rectifiers, designed for the harshest environments. MTW Series Rectifiers combine the compact design and easy access advantages of a cabinet construction with the almost completely sealed enclosure of a tank design. Due to the higher cooling efficiency of water in comparison to air, MTW Power Supplies are even more compact than air-cooled SCR systems.

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  • Constant voltage and current control
  • Electronic adjustment (wear-free)
  • Control via analog signals
  • Solid construction
  • High efficiency

(Depending on Process)

  • Change of polarity possible (wear-free)
  • Field bus system
  • Smoothing inductance (i.e. chrome, brightening, alloys)

Standard Technical Data

Mains Voltage 3 x 208VAC – 600VAC 50/60 Hz
(other voltages available upon request)
Output Current >1000A – 100kA
Output Voltage > 6V – 600V
Adjustment Stepless from 0 - 100 %
Ripple Approx. 5% at full load
(Option: ripple filter ≤ 5 % in a defined range)
Duty Factor 100%
Ambient Temperature 95°F
(Option: > 95°F)
Water Entry Temperature Approx. 60°F up to 85°F
Protection Grade NEMA 12 - NEMA 4