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MSA Tower Rectifier

MSA Tower Rectifier

With a capacity of 25kW and a maximum output current of 1,500A (16V/1,500A) per module, the MSA Tower is the most powerful rectifier in its class. Its modular design enables you to increase the output current to up to 7,500A by means of only five modules and to adapt it to your needs by yourself at any time. The small number of modules ensures high availability, reliability and low maintenance costs!

Power Increase: It Has Never Been So Easy

As each module has its own stackable enclosure and all connections are on the outside, you just need to put another module on top of the existing MSA Tower to increase the capacity, and the process will run with a higher output power within next to no time! – Build your own rectifier!

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  • Individual power input to each module
  • PS based enclosure for stacking
  • One common output bar for + and –
  • Upgradeable to support redundant power concepts


  • Standard ramp
  • Timer
  • AH meter
  • DC over current and short circuit current limitation
  • Digital control panel

Standard Technical Data

Input Voltage 3 x 380 – 480V / 50-60 Hz
Power Factor > 0.95
Efficiency 700A to 7500A
Output Current 7,500A; with 5 modules only
Output Voltage 16 V; 20 V; 25 V; 30 V; 45 V
Duty Factor 100%
Adjustment Range 0 – 100%
Ambient Temperature 104°F, up to 122°F at reduced power
Cooling System Air
Weight Power module: 135 lbs.
Control module: 35 lbs.
Degree of Protection NEMA 1
Dimensions: W/D/H in Inches 20”/25”/12” (per module)
+ 6” (control module)
MSA Tower 1.0

MSA Tower 1.00
MSA Tower 2.0

MSA Tower 2.00
MSA Tower 3.0

MSA Tower 3.00
MSA Tower 4.0

MSA Tower 4.00
MSA Tower 5.0

MSA Tower 5.00
Size 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0
Output Current at 16V 1,500 A 3,000 A 4,500 A 5,000 A 7,500 A
Dimensions: W/D/H
20/25/19 20/25/31 20/25/43 20/25/55 20/25/67
Weight (lbs.) 170 305 440 575 710