American Plating Power specializes in AC and DC power supplies for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.


Technologies designed and manufactured to meet our clients’ individual specifications.


Products that are 100% tested under full load conditions and inspected for quality before shipment.


All of our products are precision-crafted to exacting manufacturing standards.

Who We Are

As an authority on industrial power solutions, American Plating Power brings more than a decade of global knowledge and development experience to the evolving field of industrial power supplies. Our products convert electrical energy supplied by public utilities into the essential current type for every application. This includes: DC, AC, and Periodic Pulse Reverse Rectifiers as well as related equipment for industrial use globally.

American Plating Power presents a robust offering of value-added services that provide benefits many standard solution providers cannot. Clearly designed to give your company a competitive edge!

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What We Do

With one of the most extensive product lines available anywhere, American Plating Power offers a broad selection of SCR/Thyristor style rectifiers and the largest range of switch mode (IGBT) power supplies available anywhere. All products are designed for 24/7 operation with unique features to ensure reliable operation in harsh production environments.

  • Current ranges for SCR rectifiers up to 5 megawatts and DC
 voltages up to 900 VDC.
  • Cooling methods include air, water or oil cooled
  • Global leader in large scale switch mode technology with
 sizes up to 30000 amps.

We also have many specialty products such as variable transformer rectifiers and world renowned ACDC color anodize systems. American Plating Power excels at customizing power solutions to your exact specifications with virtually any type of control integration. Control options include analog (0-10V or 4-20mA), Profibus, Modbus, and Ethernet among many others. From small bench top applications to large production requirements, American Plating Power has an outstanding power supply solution.

What Makes us Different

  • We focus on client relationships to instill confidence and provide project synergy.
  • We deliver precision-controlled solutions designed to give you a competitive edge.
  • We provide attentive after-market support for customers.

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