American Plating Power offers the  largest range of DC power supplies for the plating industry.  Our product ranges from bench case rectifiers of 10A all the way to very large SCR rectifiers at 100000A.  Available voltages range from 1 to 600V.  Included is a full line of switchmode power supplies in bench case, wall mounted, individual modules, and larger poweracks for high current and or voltage applications.

We also have a full line of controls, from basic pots and meters mounted on the units to remote controllers, process controllers, any communications such as 10-10V, 4-20mA, to Ethernet.  All of our controllers can operate  all of our rectifiers.  Also available is our APP LYNQ data logging software which is a windows driven package that can monitor and record up to  30 rectifiers every second.  Reversing rectifiers and pulse reverse rectifiers are also part of our long list of plating offerings.  American Plating Power is deeply involved with supporting the global metal finishing industry with decades of supporting the local and national chapters of the NASF as well as AAC.