The DC/AC 100 will achieve a higher productivity due to the improved color distribution and depth control. In having the ability to increase the load size, it is more favorable when comparing it to other alternating current systems.

The easy and clear operation of the control unit on the process bath aids the user and provides less of an error rate.

The program memory allows the user to easily retrieve specific coloring programs that have been previously used, making the unit user friendly. The optimized variable transformer control guarantees reproducible results independent of the size of the load (30 – 100% of the nominal size load).


  • The system includes on power supply and a specially developed operating unit
  • Highly accurate control based on a µ-processor
  • Program memory with 200 coloring programs available
  • Large sized display for showing the process data
  • Automatic load adjustment
  • Optimized variable transformer control
  • Ampere hour counting for measuring available
  • Wear-free switching between DC and AC mode
  • Compatible with ALU-SPECTRAL interface coloring system
  • Interface for connection to a PC is provided

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