APC 50E Touchscreen Controller Features/Functions

  • The controller can control any manufactured rectifier
  • Temperature monitoring using PT100 probes. 1 new probe is provided by APP
  • Voltage regulation +/-1%
  • Controller is a PLC based Touch Screen with password protection
  • Includes selectable modes customized to the process
  • Feedback, setpoint, and temperature display
  • Trending display and storage
  • Data storage with a frequency of 1/second for voltage, current, temp & date/time
  • Windows-based software
  • Programmed alarms with setpoint or outage with visual and audible indicators
  • Entry fields:
    1. “Certified Operator ID:” (input requires three numeric values, ie: “123”)
    2. “Load Number:” (Input requires three alpha numeric values, ie: “10A”) 

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