Simplified, intuitive operation and increased productivity are only two of the essential advantages the AS 1200 offers. The control algorithm is optimized for the needs and requirements of decorative anodizing. Target setting of layer thickness and A/ft² instead of process voltage and estimated process time, provides for more process reliability and helps to gain advantages in quality and efficiency.


  • Process current
  • Process voltage
  • Electrolyte temperature
  • Remaining process time
  • Current density (current density control mode)
  • Pre-set layer thickness (current density control mode)
  • Actual layer thickness (current density control mode)
  • Actual load surface area (current density control mode)

Special standard features

  • 4th generation current density control algorithm
  • Automatic self-optimising function to avoid rectifier overload operation
  • Automatic standby function to reduce energy consumption after the end of the process
  • Automatic load adjustment in current density control mode to achieve the same layer thickness for different load sizes (30 – 100 % of maximum load) without changing the program
  • Program editor to save physical program names

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