The HS 1200 Process Controller for type III hard anodizing of aluminum.

The HS 1200 is an easy to use remote process controller, which is designed to control the rectifier used in the aluminum hard anodizing process.  The HS 1200 provides you with the flexibility needed to cope with the different requirements given to successfully anodize various aluminum alloys.

In addition to the standard DC mode, you can also apply various pulse patterns to the load being anodized. The surface mode is an additional easy to handle operation to standardize treatment programs for various load sizes. This feature comes in addition to the voltage/time and current/time control modes, which are available as standards.

By using the integrated ProfiNET interface, the HS 1200 can easily be integrated into an Industrial Ethernet based communication system. This robust communication system enables the HS 1200 to establish a robust digital link to a line control system and to make the process information generated in the HS 1200 available to other application, such as the ERP system.


The HS 1200 is a very compact, yet still easy to use process controller. The HS 1200 enclosure complies with all requirements for a protection grade of IP 54 (NEMA12) and is designed for wall mounting.  An industrial approved, robust 9’’ color touchscreen is used for setting the programs and providing the actual process information. The 16:9 display format improves the user friendly design further.

In addition to the known process data and to ensure online monitoring of the process, the colored display is able to show trend lines of the following parameters:

  • Process current
  • Process voltage
  • Bath temperature

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