PKA 2 – 5 A, 10 A Version

During chemical nickel plating processes in stainless steel tanks, nickel deposits can build up rapidly, often unexpectedly, inside the bath. Because of the damage this does to the tank’s passive surface, the process bath becomes unsuitable for further production and must be renewed or replaced at great cost.

The PKA2 Anodic Bath Protection Processor has been designed to help prevent this. Its dynamic natural potential SCAN® monitors the actual bath potential and automatically calculates and applies the necessary minimal counter-potential. This means a longer life span for your electrolyte, reduced costs, and a higher level of operational safety.


  • Continuous, dynamic bath potential monitoring
  • Fully automatic adjustment to the optimal protective potential (Natural potential SCAN®)
  • Controlled with a touch panel and a plain text display
  • Digital displays for all important information
  • Plain texts alerts to indicate faults
  • Switch over function from BATH 1 to BATH 2
  • Integrated UPS to allow emergency operation during mains failure

Dynamic Natural Potential SCAN®

  • Increased electrolyte life-span
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved operational safety

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