American Plating Power is proud to offer a user friendly, local or remote interface control solution that also allows for simple data logging.  This product can be implemented with a new equipment purchase or retrofit to an existing rectifier


• Ramp Mode
• Cycle Mode with Anodic/ Cathodic operation
• Global Amp x Time Mode (Hrs, Mins or Secs)
• Amp x Time Readout (resettable)
• Amp x Time Totalizer (non-resettable)
• Monitor/Status Screens
• Current and Voltage set points
• Bath Temperature Readout
• Rectifier Start /Stop commands
• Fault Indication
• 8 Programmable Relays
• 2 Dosing Relay Timers (Amp x Time Mode)
• Operator & Supervisor Password Protection
• 20 Recipes with 20 Segments (V & I Control)
• End of Process Indicator and Buzzer
• Data Logging

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