Our air cooled silicon rectifier, with primary or secondary thyristor control, has both voltage and current control options. The unit is cooled by a forced air cooling system with integrated low noise fans. The rectifier is housed in a solid cabinet. Local or remote 0-10V control is standard. Many control options are available or control protocols can be matched to existing customer controls Please consult factory.

An advanced air guidance system directs cooling air to heat sinks which indirectly cool the power components. Cooling air is drawn into the cabinet from the sides and is achieved with integrated variable speed, thermostatically controlled fans. Sensitive components are sealed and protected against dust and corrosive chemical vapors.

The rectifier is rated for continuous, full load, industrial operation without any reduction in output power.

Technical Data

Mains Voltage3 x 208VAC – 600VAC 50/60 Hz
(other voltages available upon request)
Output Current>1000A – 15kA
Output Voltage> 6V – 900V
AdjustmentStepless from 0 – 100%
RippleApprox. 5% at full load
(Option: ripple filter ≤ 5 % in a defined range)
Duty Factor100%
Ambient Temperature95°F
(Option: > 95°F)
Protection GradeNEMA 12


The rectifier is built into a rigid steel cabinet with a base, frame, front door, and removable sides. This construction allows for easy maintenance and access to all parts.

For maximum efficiency, all internal conductors, including the transformer windings, are made of copper. The solid copper DC output bus bar connections are located on the back side of the rectifier cabinet, with the input power and controls connections entering through the top of the enclosure to internal connection terminals.

Main Components

  • Input breaker
  • Advanced control electronics to maintain accurate voltage and current
  • µcontroller based monitoring and diagnosis system
  • Three phase thyristor bridge with over-voltage protection
  • Rectifier transformer with separate windings
  • Diode set with over-voltage protection
  • Shunt
  • Ventilation system

Protection Devices

  • Electronic DC over-current trip
  • Phase sequence supervision
  • Phase unbalance supervision
  • Mains under voltage supervision
  • Temperature monitor

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