Our natural convection, oil cooled silicon rectifier, with secondary thyristor adjustment, is integrated into a rugged oil tank and is intended for remote control operation. The standard rectifier control is 0-10Vdc analog signals for constant current and voltage control. Other control protocols are available upon request. The unit is rated for continuous, full load, industrial operation without any reduction in output power.

Standard Technical Data

Mains Voltage3 x 208VAC – 600VAC 50/60 Hz
(other voltages available upon request)
Output Current> 1000 A up to 15 kA
Output Voltage> 6 V up to approx. 900 V
AdjustmentStepless from 0 – 100%
RippleApprox. 5% to 7% at full load
(Option: ripple filter ≤ 5 % in a defined range)
Duty Factor100%
Ambient Temperature95°F
(Option: > 95°F)
Protection GradeNEMA 12 – NEMA 4


The rectifier is enclosed in a durable, finned oil tank for protection up to NEMA 4/IP 56. This housing is ideal for installation in most aggressive environments. With oil cooling you eliminate the need for cooling air to be drawn through the internal components, which prevents depositing of contaminants (dust, etc.) into the rectifier.

All internal conductors, including the transformer windings, are made of copper for maximum efficiency. The controls enclosure and DC output bus bars are located on top of the tank.

Main Components

  • Input fuses, ultra-fast-blow
  • Input contactor
  • Three phase thyristor set
  • Rectifier transformer with separate windings
  • Shunt

Protection Devices

  • Over-current and short-circuit monitor
  • Oil temperature monitor
  • Asymmetric voltage monitoring relay

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