This thyristor controlled, high power rectifier is designed for water cooling. The rectifier features a specially designed combination inverter and rectification circuit to reduce the total losses of the semiconductors that results in higher efficiency and lower operation costs.

The rectifier is integrated into a rugged cabinet and is available with either local or remote control via analog signals (0 – 10V). Many other control options are available upon request.

Mains Voltage3 x 208VAC – 600VAC 50/60 Hz
(other voltages available upon request)
Output Current>1000A – 5MW
Output Voltage> 6V – 900V
AdjustmentStepless from 0 – 100%
RippleApprox. 5% at full load
(Option: ripple filter ≤ 5 % in a defined range)
Duty Factor100%
Ambient Temperature95°F
(Option: > 95°F)
Water Entry TemperatureApprox. 60°F up to 85°F
Protection GradeNEMA 12 – NEMA 4


The power supply is integrated into a robust cabinet.  The lacquered housing consists of a rugged steel frame and base. The thoughtful mechanical design is maintenance friendly, and the modular construction neatly rounds off the layout. All internal conductors, including the transformer windings, are made of copper for maximum efficiency.

The water-cooling system for the rectifier is specially designed to ensure complete, efficient cooling. This system removes over 90% of the heat losses directly through the cooling water. As a result, the surrounding increase in air temperature is negligible in comparison with other systems, especially oil and air. The connections for cooling water are located on the back side of the enclosure. Most municipal water is sufficiently clean to use for cooling the rectifier (contact us for water quality specifications).

Main Components

  • Input fuses
  • Input contactor to isolate all poles when in the “off” position
  • Advanced control electronics for the thyristor inverter
  • µcontroller based monitoring and diagnosis system
  • Water cooled rectifier transformer, vacuum impregnated
  • Water cooled, thyristor based inverter and rectification circuit with RC snubber circuit
  • Precise, water cooled DC measuring shunt, degree of accuracy 0.5

Protection Devices

  • Phase failure monitor
  • Phase unbalance monitor
  • Input under voltage monitor
  • Water flow monitor
  • Water level monitor
  • Temperature monitor for transformer, thyristors
  • DC over current monitor

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