The MSA 0150 Rectifiers are based on Switch Mode Technology. This reliable technology assures excellent quality DC currents with a ripple of < 3% and a control accuracy of less than 1%

Standard Technical Data

Bench Case

Mains Voltage1 x 110/230 V / 50/60 Hz
Ripple1% in the total range
Control Range0 – 100%
ControlCurrent and voltage constant
CoolingAir-cooled via fan
Air quantity control depending on load
Efficiency> 80% – 95% (according to design)
Dimensions (W x D x H)12.8″ x 17.7″ x 7.4″
WeightApprox. 29 lbs

Module Plug-In Enclosure

Rated/Real Values0 – 10 V / 0 – 10 V
0 – 20 mA / 0 – 20 mA
4 – 20 mA / 4 – 20 mA (optional)
Field Bus (optional)
Module Dimensions (W x D x H)12″ x 16″ x 6″
Plug-In Dimensions (W x D x H)11″ x 16″ x 5.5″
WeightApprox. 20lbs

Wall Mount Enclosure

This reliable technology assures excellent quality DC current with a ripple of <1%. The rugged enclosures are designed to be mounted on a wall or stand. Control can be with any of our manual or programmable interfaces.

Dimensions (W x D x H)19″ x 12″ x 36″


  • Electronic adjustment
  • High packaging density
  • Parallel operation for increased power


  • Individual interface
  • Ah meter
  • Timer
  • Optional manual or remote operation
  • Multi functions display
  • Pulse operation
  • Polarity switch
  • Bath short circuit control
  • Integrated isolation amplifier
  • Interface for Profibus-DP, Interbus-S, and Modbus
  • Parallel operation to increase total current

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