One of the many innovative DC power solutions American Plating Power offers is the multi circuit cabinet. Is production floor space limited? This custom design may be the answer. With designs ranging from 2 to 20 separate independent outputs, these power supply solutions simplify installation because only one power drop is required and in the case of water cooling, a single set of inlet/outlet water lines.

PLC/PC interface utilizes a single connection as the networking to enable communication with each unit would be processed internally. Power distribution and circuit protection is included in the cabinet assembly. DC outputs can each be specified at different current and voltage ratings for maximum flexibility in both air and water-cooled designs. These units also offer all of the benefits of switchmode technology such as low ripple and higher efficiency. American Plating Power is the industry leader in switch mode rectifiers with the most versatile products available anywhere.


  • DC module technology
  • Due to 19″ plug-in technology all unit types (of the MS Series) can be designed as multi-circuit power supply.
  • Scalable 19″ plug-in concept
  • DC ripple below 3%
  • Sealed enclosure (NEMA 4)
  • Field bus interface


  • Individual interface
  • Ah meter
  • Timer
  • Optional manual or remote operation
  • Multi functions display
  • Pulse operation
  • Polarity switch
  • Bath short circuit control
  • Integrated isolation amplifier
  • Interface for Profibus-DP, Interbus-S, and Modbus
  • Parallel operation to increase total current

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