Many rectifiers are installed into a less than ideal environment. Cleaning the area around the unit as well as any build up of contamination inside while there are no functional issues can be advantageous.

Most rectifiers need only minor maintenance including cleaning and inspections. The more frequent, the more reliable your gear will become.

  • You can schedule the work as part of a preventative maintenance plan instead of doing it after a problem arises.
  • The workers can expect the specific tasks to take less time than a typical extensive PM.
  • These cleanings can reduce failures and increase production time.
  • Issues should be fixed as they are observed, instead of waiting until a failure occurs.
  • Remove any clutter around or inside the rectifier on a regular basis.
  • Clean external spills in the area immediately. Typical spills can be harmful to rectifiers
  • Keep a log of all activities related to the maintenance of rectifiers
  • Schematics should be stored in a safe place for reference.
  • Replace wireway covers. Support cables, Hanging cables cause stress on connectors. (see photo)
  • If you see something that does not look safe, then it probably isn’t.

Rectifiers need only minor maintenance including cleaning and inspections. Establishing a proactive plan will result in a long and reliable life for your equipment.

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