Steve Smith is the Vice President of Sales for American Plating Power. Steve’s expertise with equipment sales range from oil and gas to semiconductor to metal finishing.  These broad experiences bring a wealth of practical knowledge to every power supply application. Steve is highly committed to ensuring the customer has the best solutions to their problems. “American Plating Power is unique among rectifier companies in that we have so many product options available to draw from. This means we can provide a solution that is ideal for each customer’s situation, rather than force a customer into a limited number of choices because that’s all we have to offer,” said Steve.

Steve is highly involved in promoting the metal finishing industry. This year he will be the Chair of the SurFin Steering Committee for the second time. Steve said, “SurFin is THE event for surface finishers. This year the exhibition is in Cleveland, Ohio, June 4-6. The best products and processes are represented at this event every year. The technical sessions are a wealth of information that help metal finisher businesses be more successful. Every company who does surface finishing or needs surface finishing should attend.”