In addition to American Plating Power’s diverse selection of rectifiers for every application, we proudly offer a variety of remote process controllers to control your rectifier and process. The UPC 5000 Process Controller is an easy to use process controller designed to control the rectifier in an electro-chemical and industrial process. With its compact and flexible design, the UPC 5000 allows for precision control of a process to be obtained.

The UPC 5000 has 3 basic control methods: Cycle mode, Amp x time mode and Segment/Recipe mode. A Linear or Step Ramp Function is available in Cycle mode and Amp x time mode. If a unique ramp or pulse function is needed for a special process, our Segment/Recipe mode can be utilized with its ability to store 20 recipes and have 20 segments within each recipe. With this mode, a user can have universal control and efficiency of their process.

In addition to the basic control methods, the UPC 5000 provides the supervisor/operator with real-time monitoring of Output Voltage & Current, Bath Temperature (with optional temp probe,) Ramp & Process Time, and a Graphic Process Status (Ramping, Running, Standby, Anodic, Cathodic).

The UPC 5000 is available as a remote control panel, an optional adder to our rectifier, or could be integrated into your existing rectifier. An optional Modbus TCP Card is available for integration into a line process or communication with our APP LINQ Windows Base Software.

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