The MSW 1500 Rectifiers are supplied as Switch Mode Technology. This reliable product offers low ripple and high power factor in a compact package.  The water-cooled version is housed in a tough, stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure that is ideal for processes that occur in corrosive environments. Both the air and water-cooled designs provide excellent DC quality along with constant voltage and current control.  These rectifiers are commonly mounted on a wall, stand or on bracketry such as Unistrut.

Each unit can also interface with any of our versatile manual controllers or remotely to a PC/PLC via analog or digital interface.   All models have DC short circuit protection and are built in accord with the latest directives of CE.

With 1000’s of units shipped annually, American Plating Power continues to be the best source of reliable and innovative AC & DC power supplies.  

 Please contact our sales team at (239)-275-5877 or email to learn more about this high-quality product.